Thursday, 27 July 2017

6 iPhone Tips and Tricks Every iPhone user Needs to Know

There are few things that are not available for an Apple iPhone 5s fan or user but there are some tricks and tips about which most people are not familiar enough. Here are outfitted some unique tricks that you will be pleased to try.

1-Add Frequently used Apps in one folder and Add it to Dock by Simple Trick:

It is very simple to add frequent and favorite apps to Dock but does familiar with a new trick that you can add the whole folder containing your favorite apps to Dock? It is simple. First, drag all the apps to a folder that you want to put in one folder then drag and drop that folder to your Dock. And enjoy many apps in one click.

2-Sensor Lock:

You`re too busy to unlock your phone with a password. Do not want to waste time to unlock your phone like this. So, here iPhone ease you by a finger print lock. 

You don`t need to type a long password to unlock your phone just put your finger on Home Button and unlock your phone. And for this go to settings and click accessibility and choose “Rest finger to open” and unlock your phone like a boss.

3-Text with Absolute Ease:

If you feel like you are wasting too much in typing same text again and then you can replace your text phrase by a code and when you need to type the same message then just put that code and save your time.

It is very simple just go to settings>General>Keyboards and then select Text replacement.
For example, if you`re writing ‘ill call you later’’ again and again then just replace it with a code C1”. In the start, it will be uncomfortable to use it but within the time you will be used to it.

4-Amazing Trippy Wallpapers:

Are you tired of you same that old wallpaper? Want a new, unique and stylish wallpaper for your iPhone. Well, here you can turn your wallpaper by using a simple trick. Just visit Apple store to have full HD wallpapers easily.  

5-Clear out Old Apps:

It is something bad for refurbished Apple iPhone 5s users that if they have updated iOS, they will find out the difficulty in using the old version or less updated apps. You have to replace them with upped apps. Then what is the solution of it? The solution is simple. Go to Settings>General>About and then click Application and here is the list of all apps. Update old versions of apps new one.

6-Directly Tweet a Photo:

You`ve to post a picture on social media and you do not want to go through the time-consuming process like Log in twitter and upload it the login to Facebook and upload it same as for other social media.

Rather than going for this you can simply upload a picture directly from your camera apps gallery. The trick is simple just click the arrow while viewing a picture a menu will have appeared which will include Facebook and other social media options select them and send your picture directly.

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