Thursday, 21 September 2017

What is The Best Way to Buy a Cheap iPhone Online?

Brand represents classes a very common saying especially about Apple products that take an edge not only on quality but in the terms of price as well. That’s probably right because comparing it with other competitive smartphones, iPhones are relatively expensive and the reason might be to maintain a strong image and impact on the global market.

Being the most demanding product in the market, every one wished at least once in their lifetime that they have an iPhone. It’s pretty obvious actually because of its brand name and their strong hardware and software support.

Some would say iPhone is clearly worth the price because of its sleek and slim look, efficient system and more advanced features. There are many rumors about the iPhone price in the market, some say it’s high-priced, while others just say it’s a competitive marketing strategy adopted by Apple to maintain its monopoly in the market.

Alternatives - Importing an iPhone:

Buying a new iPhone could easily lighten one’s pocket, so people tend to find some alternatives to lay their hands on the iPhone. One of method is to buy used iPhone from other countries. It might affect your decision based on its cost but it does have some hidden charges which could be significant.

For example import duties, carrier problems, and transportation cost are some of them. Carrier problems could be influential as some countries don’t support Apple carriers and you have to use other measures, so make sure that your country is not one of them.

 Alternatives- Buying a Second-hand iPhone:

More preferable option than importing and iPhone, is to buy a second-hand from the local market. The phone is relatively cheap and some of them are also in good condition which might persuade you to buy it. However, this is not the case every time as some of the phones might have been stolen or not genuine. There might be some major faults and the condition might not as impeccable as it should be.

iPhone overall strength is its display and condition, so one prefer to buy a neat and clean phone. Furthermore, the retailer may not provide any warranty which is essential for IPhone especially. Since second-hand phones are not refurbished, there might be a possibility of faulty hardware and software and erasing previous data of users’ could be time consuming and frustrating.

Alternatives- The Refurbished iPhone:

With the launch of new iPhone, the iPhone owners rush to their nearest Apple Store to sell their previous smartphone in order to buy a new one. Apple, depending on the condition and need, perform various tests on the old bought iPhones so that it could be resold into the market at a cheaper price through its verified refurbished iPhone sellers.

These tests include, performing screen cleaning process, checking the efficiency of the software and hardware components and erasing all previous data of the users’. This not only allows you to buy the iPhone at the most affordable price, but you also receive quality products certified by Apple.

However, in this regard also, some precautions must be undertaken to ensure that you are actually paying for the genuine product. These might be, considering the best dealer of refurbished smartphones in the market, its rating and reputation, know completely about the product you are buying and where possible, claim warranty.

Buying a refurbished IPhone gives you supreme advantage over second-hand phones. First of all, there is no issue of carrier as you would be notified by the dealer, if he is reputable. Secondly, the phone will look as good as the new one. Apple cleaning process test certifies that the phone is free from any defects, dust particles and it is clean as a whistle.


It all comes to the important question, whether you should buy an imported, second-hand or refurbished iPhone? The best answer would be ‘buy a refurbished iPhone from a trusted dealer’ moreover; it also depends on your choice and your financial status. If you could afford a new iPhone or can afford import expenditures, then surely go for it.

But, since many of them could not afford it, refurbished iPhone would be the best choice, provided that you buy from a genuine dealer or if possible, buy from Apple Store. We've all heard how effective Apple products are, and surely it will be because of effective processes and strategies. Same is the case with their refurbished process as they completely ensures that the customer receive quality product with ensured customer satisfaction.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Want to Switch from Android to Apple? Read How you Can Do it?

This is an age of the smartphone and you`ll see the smartphone in every hand. When you have to choose the best smartphone, this decision can put you in great confusion especially when you are going to choose one of the best smartphone manufacturers like; Samsung Android and Apple iPhone. Basically, the competition is between operating systems.

Apple offers you devices with the IOS operating system while on the other hand, many smartphone brands like HTC or Samsung runs on Android. Both have many same features and it is too much hard to decide; iOS or Android. Here we will have a closer look on features of both so it will be easy for you to decide between Android and Apple smartphones.

Software and Memory: iPhone vs. Android:

If we talk about software of both categories then both are best at their own pace. It’s all about on you what you like most. Before saying anything about them, you should use both of these OS. Android offers more apps in its app store as compared to Apple store. Apple only allows a few restricted and in some cases, you have to pay for your favorite application.

Android ease its user in this way that you do not to purchase your favorites applications. While on the other hand, an Apple store you have to pay for some of your favorite apps. Android gives you freedom while Apple restricts you.

Android offers you expandable memory while on the hand Apple doesn’t offer extendable memory. You can extend the memory of Android smartphones via SD card.


If we talk about iPhone, it has its unique style. So when you go to market you will find similar or resembled iPhone smartphones. On the other hand, Android has a large number of a variety of smartphones, many brands like Samsung, Sony, and HTC which possess their own style. iPhone is expensive which never means that it is best among all the smartphones, many Android smartphones have better camera and features than iPhone.

File Transformation:

Many times you need to transfer files and data from one phone to other or from laptop to your phone. Transformation of files is easier through Android, you can transfer files via file transfer applications or USB port. On the other hand, the transformation of files through IOS is tougher, files can’t be transformed without iTunes sharing Application. Files can’t be shared via USB port.

Different features:

·         Availability
     Android available on many phones and tablets. Different smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, and Sony run their devices on Android. If we talk about IOS, it is developed by Apple and only Apple devices work on IOS. iPod, iPhone, and Apple run on IOS.

     · Calls and messages 3rd party Application like Whatsapp, Messenger, hangout, and Skype supported by both Android and IOS. While IOS supports iMessage and face time with other apple devices.· Languages Android is friendly for people. It is not restricted to a specific class. That’s why Android supports 100+ languages. On the other hand, if we talk about IOS it supports only 34 languages.
· Internet browsing Android is developed by Google so it supports Google chrome, all version of Google Chrome. And Apple has its own browser Safari. Apple also supports a few other browsing application.
· Battery life and management Many Android phones offer you large and longer battery. Apple offers you best battery timings. Many Android companies also offer you good battery timings.
· Native and third party apps It is tough here to decide a winner because both have best features on their own. If we talk about third party apps then Android is a winner because it allows all third party apps you want, you do not need to restrict yourself to some applications.
· Google now vs. Sirri Both are amazing features. Both give you access to Siri is only supported by Apple products. Google Now gives you wide range to search. It doesn’t restrict you.

Backup Photos and Videos:

Everyone loves its memories and don’t want to lose their favorite photos and videos. In case you lost your favorite personal pictures and videos and you want them back. Android offers many Backup applications through which you can backup unlimited photos and videos.

Google photos backup all your pictures if you selected to do so. On the other hand, IOS offers 5GB memory which it backup automatically with iCloud. It also supports many backup applications like Amazon. Microsoft provides auto-backup for both Android and IOS.


Both are best. But in the terms of advance technology and better performance, Apple has a little edge over other smartphones while it is a little expensive too. Apple brings the products to a class who is quality lover, while other Android manufacturers give quality with an attractive price. But the bigger difference is Android devices are friendly devices.

They don’t restrict you. On the other Apple iPhone 6 for sale restrict you and doesn’t provide you a friendly environment. It doesn’t support easily downloading and installing. Sometimes you need to purchase your favorite games while Android gives you free access to that same game.