Thursday, 30 March 2017

How to Secure Your Private Data on iPhone? Read here.

It is usually no surprise, though a terrible thing to happen when someone accesses personal information like bank accounts or private photos from our Apple Smartphone, tablet or laptop. We are password foolish sometimes because the effort to remember them all can be daunting. 

We also know that using a low-security password provides an easy entrance for those wanting to get at our secure information. Here are some easy steps to protect your iPhone and to keep the hackers out of your storage of personal info.

Apply Strong Passwords to Protect your iPhone:

Everyone should understand in this day and age that “password” is not a password. Neither is a series of numbers or a birth date. Hackers can guess variations on your iPhone access such as p@$$w0rd as well. The idea is to make it hard for them to even guess. Letters of both upper and lower case, several numbers and unique characters are always recommended. The safest passwords to protect your iPhone are at least eleven characters long.

Unique Passwords:

We are now using passwords for nearly every site we visit and using the same password for every secure site is one of the biggest mistakes iPhone users can make. Once a hacker has decoded your password, they then have an open invitation to your bank account and PayPal balances. Of course, no one has the RAM in their heads to remember them all, therefore, using a password manager to help is best.

Password Managers for iPhone:

1Password has been a long used staple for iPhone users as it can store endless passwords and even creates the safest types of passwords. There is never a need for you to remember them to protect your iPhone as they’re safely encrypted and there is even a support feature for unlocking with Touch ID. With a quick upgrade to $9.99, iPhone users can access features to store accounts, passport, driver’s license and more.

Factor Authentication:

Many major services now offer two-step verification process, and it’s not only a great way to protect your iPhone stored information, but lets users know if someone else is trying to access their information. 1Password uses the process, as does Google Authenticator. It takes a bit more time, but codes or tokens can be sent SMS to the iPhone so it really just requires a quick tap to let the service know it’s really you.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

5 Paramount Accessories Designed for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Samsung’s Android has no lack of accessories from which to choose. The makers have come up with some very cool accessories for Samsung Galaxy we think are must-haves for the most ardent Android Galaxy users. Samsung remains on the cutting edge of both internal and external improvements which makes the Galaxy 7 series owners some of the happiest android phone users today.

Here we’re going to list the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy one must have:

Wireless Battery Pack:

This easy to use charger easily slips right onto the Galaxy and allows users to continue using the phone while it charges. It does add a bit of thickness to the android phone but doesn’t interrupt calls or texts while it does its work. Users can add the pack for as long as needed for a full charge.

Samsung Gear VR:

There have been some great changes to the latest Gear VR for Samsung Android Phone users, including a better outside casing and internal improvements which will satisfy even the most particular of gamers. Though there are many free options for the VR experience, the cost of using some premier options are only a few dollars. Definitely worth the money for those who want to make the most of the accessories for Samsung Galaxy.

 iOttie Easy One Touch 3 Car Mount:

Having a phone out of your hands and within view is the safest way to drive while keeping the android phone in plain sight. A quick glance tells the user who’s calling, or where the next turn is. Samsung android users, who are looking for accessories for Samsung Galaxy, will need to check for sizing before purchasing, to make sure it will hold the galaxy model.

S-View Flip Cover:

This type of cover has been one of the essential accessories for Samsung Galaxy and uses the ID chip to allow phone messages and texts to appear on the cover when it’s closed. Important alerts are just a swipe away as well, as the internal features know when the cover is closed and displays needed information for the Android user. It protects the device better than a typical case which is the prime reason Galaxy owners look for it.

Samsung Gear S3:

The smart watch for android phone users will work with any android phone, and most any Galaxy owner will find something just for them. The newest watch version has removable straps allowing multi-use options if the wrist is not available. There are some great features including Samsung Pay and multi-day battery life is just a few of the must-have conveniences for android users.

There may be many more accessories for Samsung Galaxy that could be listed but we have found the above mentioned are the ones which are in high demand for now.

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Monday, 27 March 2017

In Comprehensive Review: The "Apple iPhone 5c" Read the Pros & Cons.

Apple launched iPhone 5c along with the other two smartphones from this series in the same year of 2013. Apple iPhone 5c is a version of Apple iPhone 5 which means it shares some hardware specifications such as iOS 7 and 8MB rear camera, but its body is of polycarbonate instead of aluminium. 

It officially replaced Apple iPhone 5 in 2014. For the reason of more affordable price than its high-end counterpart Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone 5c has been for a long time the most popular choice among first-time iPhone buyers.

Pros of the Apple iPhone 5c:

-     1. This model is available in five bright colours: white, yellow, red, blue and green, what makes it looking great and very popular among younger generations.

-          2. Slip-on silicone covers remove ‘slippery’ feel.

-        3.  Apple iPhone 5c is durable thanks to its poly carbonate shelf, empowered with the steel frame, serving as an antenna as well.

-      4. The 8MP camera reminds of the HTC One camera, but here it has 15% larger sensor, bigger pixels, and a wider f/2.2 aperture.

-          There are available Apple iPhone 5c with 16GB or 32GB of internal storage.

Cons of the Apple iPhone 5c:

-      1.  Battery life is slightly improved in comparison to older models, but not as much to make a significant difference.

-         2. Out of contract, Apple iPhone 5c is pretty expensive.

-        3.   It has slower A6 processor than the Apple iPhone 5s.

-       4. The camera does not have advanced features such as ‘True Tone’ flash, improved coloured balance, video slow-motion option, and a burst mode for capturing multiple shots at once.

For the one who wants to get introduced to Apple technology and save some money at the same time, this smartphone might be a good choice. It does not stop intriguing users who like to compare Apple iPhone 5c to its relatives Apple iPhone 5s and Apple iPhone 5. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

HTC One X10 the Innovative Mid-Range Smartphone to check out!

HTC has always been famous for this outstanding phone and amazing other technological products. If you are a fan of HTC like us, you should also check out our article “Why is HTC M8 Smartphone, a must have smartphone-Review”. Recently HTC has teased regarding an announcement that they will be making this coming Monday. 

According to our sources, the company is planning to unveil their upcoming mid-range smartphone. A phone, HTC One X10 that offers looks and specs of high-end mobile phones, but it does not cause a dent in your pocket.

On the Facebook page of HTC, the announcement on the page had the tagline “Spring is coming” and the date was mentioned below. There was another Facebook post that stated “ HTC will give you unexpected surprise”  We are sure most of us are excited about the upcoming phone and craving for more information regarding it. But, unfortunately, HTC has not made any other details available regarding the phone. All we know so far is the company is planning to launch a new phone this coming spring.

However, we do have some information based on the previous leaks. Although most of them are rumors, but we have seen in a number of cases that rumors often turn out to be true in a smartphone’s world. The phone is said to be the successor of HTC One X9. 

Like its predecessor, the phone is to have a 5.5-inch full-HD screen along with 3GB RAM. It will also have a 2GHz OCta-core P10 Processor and a 13 megapixel back camera. The phone is going to have the latest OS.

The phone will also offer external memory option, this is perhaps going to be HTC’s one of the best mid-range phones. Although the company has been at loss for quite some time, but it seems with phones like these they might still have hope. So, in case you want to get yourself an HTC phone, check out the Site Alpha Smartphones.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

Sony Patent’s the Idea of Sharing Battery Life without any Cable.

The technological giant never fails to disappoint us. May it be their outstanding television or amazing mobile phones? They always manage to come up with something out of the box. They plan to set a new smartphone trend, you can also learn about 5 Smartphone Trends of 2017. Just last Friday, Sony filed a patent for one of the most amazing ideas that one could think of.

The company has devised a way through which Sony Xperia Smartphone users would be able to share power with their fellow users. I.e. if you have a Sony smartphone and you are in need of power, you can always request your other friend to share the power. The best thing is, there is no need for cables. This power sharing is going to be wireless.

Before you get more excited, we would like to add that Charles McCoy, True Xiong, and Richard Milne, are behind the concept of your smartphone getting a jump start from other mobiles or in best possible cases other appliances such as microwaves and toasters. The basic purpose of this research is to find, select and manage hot spots that have the ability to share power wireless.

Sony has always been a loyal and strong supporter of wireless Near Field Communication technology. They have believed it to be the future of not only smartphones but all and every other appliance. Syncing Bluetooth speakers is an easy thing, but this new concept is unique and is going to be pretty interesting. Now besides sharing data wireless, you would also be able to share power.

The patent, nonetheless, does not tell us, how well this idea works. Will there be a chance that upcoming Sony Smartphones has this feature incorporated in them? The idea along with a little working is there. It is just a matter of time before this will become a reality. I, for once, am really looking forward to this particular idea.

This idea is still in process, but you can always find a good Android Smartphone at Alpha Smartphones at a very reasonable price. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

3 Frank causes to fall in love with Samsung Galaxy S8

Competition is part and parcel of technology industry and when we talk about Samsung it never settles less than the best. Apple iPhone Smartphones and Samsung have years of rivalry but immensely reported accidents due to faulty battery of Note 7 put Samsung at halt. For this reason Samsung has announced its flagship model for 2017 earlier unlike previous years.

Despite of major setback to company’s reputation we are expecting that Samsung will take another mile by offering exquisite features in new Samsung Galaxy S8. There are many reasons to fall in love again and again with Samsung Galaxy S8, top 3 reasons include.

  • Matchless 4K display
  • Perfect auto focus camera
  • Rocket Speed Processors

Matchless 4K display:

From reliable sources it is known that Samsung intends to launch Galaxy S8 with two screen sizes in coherence with iPhone. Screen sizes will be.

  • ·         5inches
  • ·         5.5 inches

The smaller version will be equipped with Quad HD resolution display. However Samsung has a treat for the buyers of bigger version. For first time ever in the history of smartphones 4K AMOLED display is used by Samsung. Pixel resolution coupled with 4K display will be 3840× 2160 pixels.

Perfect auto focus camera:

Samsung Galaxy S8 has perfect plans to put iPhone Smartphone at shame with regard to front facing camera. According to renowned Chinese resources 12 and 13 megapixel sensors will be coupled with dual-lens camera. Additionally front facing camera is expected to be 8 megapixel while the other is expected to be around 16 megapixels. It’s time for more fun and frolic while capturing more selfies.

Rocket speed processors:

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be running on Snapdragon 830 and Exynos 8890 processor for different versions. USA version will probably be employing Snapdragon 830 while other international users will enjoy Exynos 8890. Snapdragon will be running on 10 core chipset making Galaxy S8 speediest Smartphone ever. However bigger version will employ Exynos processor as 4K display better pairs with it.

For more Smartphone related stuff, news and articles keep glued to Alpha Smartphones. We guide you like no other.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Are You know about 5 Secret Features of Samsung Galaxy S3? - Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 is among my favorite phones, despite the fact that Samsung has reached up to S8, S3 still seems to hold its importance. The phone comes with a wide variety of features,  you might be aware of some and there are many that are hidden. Or at least you have to fiddle with your phone a bit in order to discover and enjoy these features. Below we have created a list of 5 hidden Samsung Galaxy S3 features.

Keep the display On:

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a smartphone, the phone has the ability to detect when you are looking at it. The phone’s screen will remain active while you are looking at it, you don’t have to touch the screen again and again in order to make it on.

Fast Camera Access:

In case you are, a picture person and you want that your phone’s camera should always be up and ready, you should enable the fast camera access option. This option allows you to activate the camera 
by putting your finger on the screen and rotating the phone.

Double Tap on Top:

I would admit, I was among those people who would once reach the bottom of the page, would manually scroll back to the top. You can imagine my delight when I came to know about this feature. All I had to do was double tap on the top of my phone’s screen and it would automatically jump to the top.

Track of Data Usage:

Watching a movie or searching the web using your mobile data might be convenient, but it can be troublesome as well. Sometimes, the data package ends and you are unaware of the fact that you are being charged extra for every MB that you use. Allow, Galaxy S3 Smartphone to track your data usage. When you will reach a certain limit, the phone will notify you regarding the usage.
Show Battery Percentage:

People who like knowing completely about their phone’s battery should try out this feature. You will be able to see the battery percentage along with the battery sign. To enable this go to Settings Display Battery percentage.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Top 7 Tips and Tricks of Android 6.0 MARSHMALLOW

Marshmallow has been among the most anticipated operating systems.  It surpasses our expectation; the new OS is simply amazing. Although the basic user interface is similar to Lollipop, but Google has incorporated a wide range of new features. These amazing features are bound to take your OS experience to next level. There are a great number of tips and tricks that you would enjoy, but below we have listed only the top 7 tips and trick of Android 6.0 MARSHMALLOW.

The All the Google Now on tap:

Google has always been providing you with the relevant information on daily basis, but Google Now on Top takes it to the next level. It makes sure that you have instant information whenever you need it. We often come across a situation, where a friend texts the name of a certain place for a meet up, but we don’t know the exact location. Before MARSHMALLOW, you would have to manually copy paste or type the name of the place on Google in order to search it. But now, just leave your messenger app open, then press and hold the home button for relevant information regarding the place to pop up.

Google Now on tap will automatically come up with the links for navigation to that particular place. It will also browse their menu and place a call for the reservation for you. Likewise, if you are watching a movie, allow Google Now tap on to get you its trailers links from YouTube.

Controlling Dozing Apps:

Doze has been among the best features of Android OS lately. It tends to put your device to sleep when it is not being used for a specified time. This helps increase battery life. However, you will still get the notification if the developer of the app enables this feature.

But what about applications whose developer did not enable the feature and you still your phone to show notifications even when it is in the Doze mode. You can always enable it yourself. Go to Setting Battery. From there tap on the three dot menu and select the battery optimization open and before you select All Apps, make sure that you have tapped on the “Not optimized”. This will allow you to select any app that you want to remain functional in the Doze-Mode.

 Direct Sharing:

If you are an Android user, we are sure you would be familiar with the Android Direct Sharing menu. However, if you are new to the Android world, direct sharing menu allows the user to shared information from one particular app with a different number of apps. In Marshmallow, Google has updated this amazing feature. Now the feature allows you to share information not only between a number of other apps but also with other people.

Keep Checks on App that are consuming most of your memory:

Memory is one of the biggest issues on any smartphone. Lack of it can lead to a number of problems including, slow processing and phone hanging. The best way to solve this problem is to keep track of those apps that are consuming your entire RAM.

In order to check which app is consuming most of your phone’s RAM, go to setting>memory and there would be able to see the memory statistics. You will see the average memory that has been consumed in the past 3, 6, 12 and 24 hours. Tap on “Memory used by Apps” option to determine which app has been consuming most of your phone’s resources.

Using Google Translator while using other Applications:

For people who are the regular user of “Google Translate”, you are going to love this amazing and exclusive feature of MARSHMALLOW. If you have Google Translate installed in your app, all you have to do is select the text in any app and select “Translate” option. You no longer have to manually copy paste the text in Google Translate to get it translated.

Ways of customizing the Quick Menu Settings:

We have always been a fan of the Quick Menu settings. For those who are not familiar with Quick Settings menu option, it basically a menu that is displayed on top of your screen when you swipe down with two fingers. Google has allowed users to customize it in Android 6.0 MARSHMALLOW. However, you can never do it, unless you are acquainted with the trick of unlocking the System UI Tuner.

Start by tapping and holding the Setting Icon button that is located at the top right corner of the Quick Setting Menu.  Lift your fingers, after a couple of second and you will be able to see a popup telling you that the System UI is now added to your setting.

Now simply go to Settings System UI Tuner and tap on Quick Settings. Tap and hold on any title that you want to remove or add in the menu.

Set Volume:

Thankfully customizing volume settings is way easier in Marshmallow as compared to they were in Lollipop. Press on the volume key and a pop-up will appear on your screen. The popup will allow you to control the volume of whatever is being played on your phone at that time.  Tapping on the down arrow present on the right would open up the system breakdown for you. Now you can set the volume for your, media and alarm as well.

Another way to set the volume is to go to Setting, then choose Sound and Notification option and set the sound level and type.

These are some of the most amazing features of Marshmallow, we had great fun discovering them and we are sure you would enjoy using these features. Let us know what you think about this new and amazing Android OS.

For people who are in search of phones that are either upgrade able to this OS or they have Marshmallow as their default operating system should visit Alpha Smartphones for amazing mobile deals. Here, you would be able to find good, Refurbished Phones with a year warranty for as little as possible.