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What is The Best Way to Buy a Cheap iPhone Online?

Brand represents classes a very common saying especially about Apple products that take an edge not only on quality but in the terms of price as well. That’s probably right because comparing it with other competitive smartphones, iPhones are relatively expensive and the reason might be to maintain a strong image and impact on the global market.

Being the most demanding product in the market, every one wished at least once in their lifetime that they have an iPhone. It’s pretty obvious actually because of its brand name and their strong hardware and software support.

Some would say iPhone is clearly worth the price because of its sleek and slim look, efficient system and more advanced features. There are many rumors about the iPhone price in the market, some say it’s high-priced, while others just say it’s a competitive marketing strategy adopted by Apple to maintain its monopoly in the market.

Alternatives - Importing an iPhone:

Buying a new iPhone could easily lighten one’s pocket, so people tend to find some alternatives to lay their hands on the iPhone. One of method is to buy used iPhone from other countries. It might affect your decision based on its cost but it does have some hidden charges which could be significant.

For example import duties, carrier problems, and transportation cost are some of them. Carrier problems could be influential as some countries don’t support Apple carriers and you have to use other measures, so make sure that your country is not one of them.

 Alternatives- Buying a Second-hand iPhone:

More preferable option than importing and iPhone, is to buy a second-hand from the local market. The phone is relatively cheap and some of them are also in good condition which might persuade you to buy it. However, this is not the case every time as some of the phones might have been stolen or not genuine. There might be some major faults and the condition might not as impeccable as it should be.

iPhone overall strength is its display and condition, so one prefer to buy a neat and clean phone. Furthermore, the retailer may not provide any warranty which is essential for IPhone especially. Since second-hand phones are not refurbished, there might be a possibility of faulty hardware and software and erasing previous data of users’ could be time consuming and frustrating.

Alternatives- The Refurbished iPhone:

With the launch of new iPhone, the iPhone owners rush to their nearest Apple Store to sell their previous smartphone in order to buy a new one. Apple, depending on the condition and need, perform various tests on the old bought iPhones so that it could be resold into the market at a cheaper price through its verified refurbished iPhone sellers.

These tests include, performing screen cleaning process, checking the efficiency of the software and hardware components and erasing all previous data of the users’. This not only allows you to buy the iPhone at the most affordable price, but you also receive quality products certified by Apple.

However, in this regard also, some precautions must be undertaken to ensure that you are actually paying for the genuine product. These might be, considering the best dealer of refurbished smartphones in the market, its rating and reputation, know completely about the product you are buying and where possible, claim warranty.

Buying a refurbished IPhone gives you supreme advantage over second-hand phones. First of all, there is no issue of carrier as you would be notified by the dealer, if he is reputable. Secondly, the phone will look as good as the new one. Apple cleaning process test certifies that the phone is free from any defects, dust particles and it is clean as a whistle.


It all comes to the important question, whether you should buy an imported, second-hand or refurbished iPhone? The best answer would be ‘buy a refurbished iPhone from a trusted dealer’ moreover; it also depends on your choice and your financial status. If you could afford a new iPhone or can afford import expenditures, then surely go for it.

But, since many of them could not afford it, refurbished iPhone would be the best choice, provided that you buy from a genuine dealer or if possible, buy from Apple Store. We've all heard how effective Apple products are, and surely it will be because of effective processes and strategies. Same is the case with their refurbished process as they completely ensures that the customer receive quality product with ensured customer satisfaction.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Want to Switch from Android to Apple? Read How you Can Do it?

This is an age of the smartphone and you`ll see the smartphone in every hand. When you have to choose the best smartphone, this decision can put you in great confusion especially when you are going to choose one of the best smartphone manufacturers like; Samsung Android and Apple iPhone. Basically, the competition is between operating systems.

Apple offers you devices with the IOS operating system while on the other hand, many smartphone brands like HTC or Samsung runs on Android. Both have many same features and it is too much hard to decide; iOS or Android. Here we will have a closer look on features of both so it will be easy for you to decide between Android and Apple smartphones.

Software and Memory: iPhone vs. Android:

If we talk about software of both categories then both are best at their own pace. It’s all about on you what you like most. Before saying anything about them, you should use both of these OS. Android offers more apps in its app store as compared to Apple store. Apple only allows a few restricted and in some cases, you have to pay for your favorite application.

Android ease its user in this way that you do not to purchase your favorites applications. While on the other hand, an Apple store you have to pay for some of your favorite apps. Android gives you freedom while Apple restricts you.

Android offers you expandable memory while on the hand Apple doesn’t offer extendable memory. You can extend the memory of Android smartphones via SD card.


If we talk about iPhone, it has its unique style. So when you go to market you will find similar or resembled iPhone smartphones. On the other hand, Android has a large number of a variety of smartphones, many brands like Samsung, Sony, and HTC which possess their own style. iPhone is expensive which never means that it is best among all the smartphones, many Android smartphones have better camera and features than iPhone.

File Transformation:

Many times you need to transfer files and data from one phone to other or from laptop to your phone. Transformation of files is easier through Android, you can transfer files via file transfer applications or USB port. On the other hand, the transformation of files through IOS is tougher, files can’t be transformed without iTunes sharing Application. Files can’t be shared via USB port.

Different features:

·         Availability
     Android available on many phones and tablets. Different smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, and Sony run their devices on Android. If we talk about IOS, it is developed by Apple and only Apple devices work on IOS. iPod, iPhone, and Apple run on IOS.

     · Calls and messages 3rd party Application like Whatsapp, Messenger, hangout, and Skype supported by both Android and IOS. While IOS supports iMessage and face time with other apple devices.· Languages Android is friendly for people. It is not restricted to a specific class. That’s why Android supports 100+ languages. On the other hand, if we talk about IOS it supports only 34 languages.
· Internet browsing Android is developed by Google so it supports Google chrome, all version of Google Chrome. And Apple has its own browser Safari. Apple also supports a few other browsing application.
· Battery life and management Many Android phones offer you large and longer battery. Apple offers you best battery timings. Many Android companies also offer you good battery timings.
· Native and third party apps It is tough here to decide a winner because both have best features on their own. If we talk about third party apps then Android is a winner because it allows all third party apps you want, you do not need to restrict yourself to some applications.
· Google now vs. Sirri Both are amazing features. Both give you access to Siri is only supported by Apple products. Google Now gives you wide range to search. It doesn’t restrict you.

Backup Photos and Videos:

Everyone loves its memories and don’t want to lose their favorite photos and videos. In case you lost your favorite personal pictures and videos and you want them back. Android offers many Backup applications through which you can backup unlimited photos and videos.

Google photos backup all your pictures if you selected to do so. On the other hand, IOS offers 5GB memory which it backup automatically with iCloud. It also supports many backup applications like Amazon. Microsoft provides auto-backup for both Android and IOS.


Both are best. But in the terms of advance technology and better performance, Apple has a little edge over other smartphones while it is a little expensive too. Apple brings the products to a class who is quality lover, while other Android manufacturers give quality with an attractive price. But the bigger difference is Android devices are friendly devices.

They don’t restrict you. On the other Apple iPhone 6 for sale restrict you and doesn’t provide you a friendly environment. It doesn’t support easily downloading and installing. Sometimes you need to purchase your favorite games while Android gives you free access to that same game.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Top Refurbished iPhone 6 Deals – Buy Cheap Phones

A Continue Legacy of iPhone “S” Series:

 Apple doesn’t follow its conventional style for iPhone 6. It was released in September 2014. Square edges are gone, restored with curvier edges and it got a round the body. An addition of aluminum gives a high-quality design and looks to iPhone 6.

It weighs 129 grams and just 6.9mm thin. It is thinner than iPhone 5s. Apple iPhone 6 measures 138.10 x 67.00x 6.90 (height x width x thickness).  The power button is no longer on the top and located to the upper right-hand side. Easier to approach by hand. It is also sharp in colours and brighter display.

It is best in feature and display. Apple iPhone 6 has LED-backlit IPS LCD and capacitive touchscreen along with 16M colours. 4.7 inches larger screen display which proposed 65.8% screen-to-body ratio. iPhone 6 produces resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels and 326 ppi (Pixel per inch) pixel density. It6 also offers “Multi Touch”. Apple iPhone 6 protects it display with Ion-strengthened glass and oleo phobic coating.

iPhone 6 has operating system IOS 8 which upgrade able up to Ios 10.3.3. IOS 10.3.3 is extremely exciting and offers marvelous features. iPhone 6 runs on chip set A8 fusion and has CPU Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon which is ARM v8-based. 

It proposed GPU Power VR GX6450 with quad-core graphics. iPhone 6 comes with internal memory 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128 GB with 1 GB RAM. Its memory can’t extend via memory card.

iPhone 6 propounds 8 MP, 29mm with f/2.2 along with phase detection autofocus. It also offers dual-LED flash and features 1/3" sensor size, 1.5 ┬Ám pixel size.  iPhone 6 has a camera which tenders panorama with HDR.

iPhone 6 has   1.2 MP secondary camera with f/2.2 and it features 720p@30fps, face detection, HDR and FaceTime over Wi-Fi or Cellular. It has Non-removable Li-Po 1810 mAh battery which provides standby up to 250 hours and talk’s time up to 14 hours. Apple offers iPhone 6 in amazing three colours; Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.

Other features of iPhone 6 include sensors and connectivity. Fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, and barometer are its effective sensors. It doesn’t support JAVA. It one of the pragmatic functions is Siri, which is used for natural language commands and dictation.

Well, charming iPhone 6 is in the market. You want to buy it but you didn’t have sufficient money to buy brand new iPhone. Don’t worry, here’s a relevant way for you. You can buy are refurbished unlock iPhone 6.

An unlocked refurbished iPhone 6 with insurance and warranty is not a poor and awful selection.

 What is Refurbished iPhone 6?

Refurbished phones are smartphones which are defective and returned as an old smartphone, their users sell them or return them to the company. These phones go through analysis process and special inspection will get repaired, reconditioned and sold to those who want them. They can’t be sold as new so, there is a premium on them. And the amount discount depends on their condition.

What Can you Get from a Refurbished iPhone?

So finally you do elect to buy a refurbished iPhone 6 and you can get a lot of advantages. The big assets of refurbished iPhone are that you can save a very good amount of money. Since there are some used models but they’re reformed to a good new condition. Sometimes you can advantage up to 50 percent of discount and even more than that, which depends upon the condition of the phone.

Buy your refurbished iPhone 6 from Alpha Smartphones at the most affordable price without compromising the quality. Interesting!
Let us have a glimpse of unbeatable deals of Apple iPhone 6 provided by the Alpha Smartphones for its lovely customers.

·         Buy Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 16GB Silver Almost Like New:

Purchasing the refurbished Apple iPhone 6 16GB Silver does not mean that you are going to compromise on quality and performance. Alpha Smartphones brings the refurbished iPhone 6 at the reasonable price by enjoying the free home delivery and one year warranty.

The smooth and flawless performance of this refurbished iPhone would let you fall in love with its features rapidly. The adorable stunning look is so mesmerizing and captivating. Not only this, one also get the 30-day return policy with it.

·         Buy Used Apple iPhone 6 16GB Gold Unlocked:

Want to have an iPhone in the Gold colour but at the affordable price and did not find any? No problem, we are here to provide you these exciting desirable features at the pocket-friendly price by providing the used Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked Smartphone.

Which looks like the new one. Enjoy the 30-day return policy and free home delivery by ordering from Alpha Smartphones. The most desirable and likable feature of 12 months warranty is just Astonishing!

·         Buy Used Apple iPhone 6 16GB Space Grey Unlocked:

The used Apple iPhone 6 16 GB Space Grey smartphone by Alpha Smartphones comes up in the sound and top-class condition which confuses one that either it is a new one or the used one. The space grey colours enhance the appeal of this smartphone and features are ample to impress the user.

It comes up with the essential accessories such as data cable, hands free, and the Sim ejector pin. This sleek and stylish refurbished iPhone 6 by Alpha Smartphones comes with the free home delivery in the UK and the one-year splendid warranty. One can also get an advantage of 30-day return policy.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Best Deals of Refurbished iPhone 6 64GB by Alpha Smartphones

Apple has always produced something out of the box with every new flagship device they come out with. Previously iPhone 5 was said to be the fastest machine on the market, now we have refurbished iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 to compete with. Despite being introduced sometime back iPhone 6 is still in high demand and there is no better place to buy it than Alpha Smartphones.

They are famous for their competitive prices, good quality used or refurbished phones and outstanding customer services. These people have been in business for quite some time, they will deliver your iPhone 6 at your door steps.

iPhone 6 comes is an outstanding phone, it comes with 8 mega pixel camera that is excellent for taking selfies. Also, the phone has 1 GB RAM, you might think that it is less, but we can assure you that your phone will run smoothly.

The 4.7 display is perfect for watching videos and play games. The phone comes with one of the fastest processors and it is a perfect smartphone to behold. To further improve your iPhone 6 experience, Apple has decided to allow it to get the recent updates. You can update your phone to iOS 10 and enjoy all the amazing features.

Why Buy a Refurbished or Used iPhone 6:

A refurbished iPhone is better than a new one in a number of ways, first it is less expensive as compared to the brand-new phone and second, if there was any problem with the iPhone previously it has been resolved.

Apple has tested it thoroughly before sending it back. For Alpha smartphones, their priority is their customers, therefore they won’t sell anything that is going to trouble their customers. Rest assured, you will love whatever you buy for them as they make sure that everything they offer is of quality.

You can get your phone delivered within 3-5 working days. They even dispatch the phone the very same day, so that you can get it the next day.

With Alpha smartphones are you get a one-year warranty on almost every phone they sell. Below we have listed some of best iPhone 6 deals offered by the company.

Apple iPhone 6 64GB Gold Unlocked - £259.99

Looking for an extraordinary gift for your Wife or Girlfriend, but want it to be within budget, we suggest you get this amazing phone for her. In just £259.99 you can surprise her with an iPhone 6.

The phone might be used, but it is in such an outstanding condition that no one will be able to see the difference. Also, the phones come with one year warranty, so if something goes wrong within first 12-months, Alpha Smartphones will be there to help you out.


 Apple iPhone 6 64GB Space Gray Like New Unlocked - £239.99


Looking for iPhone 6 Grey color, check out this phone. It is in new pristine condition, you can never make out that the phone is used. It comes with a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects. The phone is also unlocked to all networks and it is fully tested to ensure that each and every function of the phone is working correctly.


This is the perfect thing to get for yourself or someone you cherish. It is one gift that will leave your loved ones in awe, and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay much even. The phone will cost you almost half the price of a brand-new phone.




Apple iPhone 6 64GB Unlocked Refurbished Like New Space Grey- £259.99


The phone is in outstanding condition, it is just like brand new. It comes with a 12-months warranty for manufacturing defects, it is also completed test to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This amazing phone is also unlocked to all networks, so what are you waiting for get your hands on it and you will love it.


The bottom line is that there is no one on the market that can offer such amazing smartphone deals than Alpha smartphones. They take pride in being the only retailers that offer such competitive prices. 

Now getting a high-end smartphone is possible without causing a dent to your pocket. These are some of the deals that they offer, just check out their website and you will be amazed by the large variety of phones they have in stock.



Looking for iPhone 6? You have come to the right place, Alpha smartphones offer such amazing deals that they will blow your mind off. Above we have mentioned some of their best deals for iPhone 6 64 GB. Have a click and also check out their other smartphones deals as well. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

6 iPhone Tips and Tricks Every iPhone user Needs to Know

There are few things that are not available for an Apple iPhone 5s fan or user but there are some tricks and tips about which most people are not familiar enough. Here are outfitted some unique tricks that you will be pleased to try.

1-Add Frequently used Apps in one folder and Add it to Dock by Simple Trick:

It is very simple to add frequent and favorite apps to Dock but does familiar with a new trick that you can add the whole folder containing your favorite apps to Dock? It is simple. First, drag all the apps to a folder that you want to put in one folder then drag and drop that folder to your Dock. And enjoy many apps in one click.

2-Sensor Lock:

You`re too busy to unlock your phone with a password. Do not want to waste time to unlock your phone like this. So, here iPhone ease you by a finger print lock. 

You don`t need to type a long password to unlock your phone just put your finger on Home Button and unlock your phone. And for this go to settings and click accessibility and choose “Rest finger to open” and unlock your phone like a boss.

3-Text with Absolute Ease:

If you feel like you are wasting too much in typing same text again and then you can replace your text phrase by a code and when you need to type the same message then just put that code and save your time.

It is very simple just go to settings>General>Keyboards and then select Text replacement.
For example, if you`re writing ‘ill call you later’’ again and again then just replace it with a code C1”. In the start, it will be uncomfortable to use it but within the time you will be used to it.

4-Amazing Trippy Wallpapers:

Are you tired of you same that old wallpaper? Want a new, unique and stylish wallpaper for your iPhone. Well, here you can turn your wallpaper by using a simple trick. Just visit Apple store to have full HD wallpapers easily.  

5-Clear out Old Apps:

It is something bad for refurbished Apple iPhone 5s users that if they have updated iOS, they will find out the difficulty in using the old version or less updated apps. You have to replace them with upped apps. Then what is the solution of it? The solution is simple. Go to Settings>General>About and then click Application and here is the list of all apps. Update old versions of apps new one.

6-Directly Tweet a Photo:

You`ve to post a picture on social media and you do not want to go through the time-consuming process like Log in twitter and upload it the login to Facebook and upload it same as for other social media.

Rather than going for this you can simply upload a picture directly from your camera apps gallery. The trick is simple just click the arrow while viewing a picture a menu will have appeared which will include Facebook and other social media options select them and send your picture directly.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Why Apple iPhone 7 is the Best Smartphone to Buy?

An Elegant Balance Between Power, Lightness, and Size

There was a time when Apple used to introduce a single smartphone in a year, but now it introduces 2-3 smartphone of same series as we have the latest AppleiPhone 7, iPhone 7s and only a six month before iPhone.

Launching new versatile smartphones give a great choice to the customers to select the best smartphone by the best mobile phone company. The question is why should one go for iPhone 7? The balance of power, speed, and style- These three words exactly describe this massive addition in the smartphone industry.

iPhone 7- A Fair Choice to Get the Coolest Smartphone:

Though iPhone 7 is not as big as iPhone 7 plus but gives the same unique features to its customers at a fair price. You can enjoy better radio, 3D Touch, a faster processor, and a rear camera etc. iPhone 7 is a fine addition to the list of Apple iPhone latest models and it is also not small as iPhone se.

You get a 4.7-inch Retina Display with dual domain pixel that provides impeccable colour fidelity. The sensitive Touch ID feature provides you shortcut for photos, messages, and many other features.

iPhone 7 contains a rear high-quality 12-megapixel camera to give you an amazing cinematic and crystal experience. It has 6 element lens with optical image stabilization. Its front has 7-megapixel camera to give the best selfie experience. When it comes to iPhone 7 camera, one can imagine that it delivers what it claims.

iPhone 7 is Available in 28, 128, and 256 GB:

Apple offers iPhone 7 in multiple storage options. With a little price difference, it is the best smartphone for an ordinary person to the professional individual who wants to carry their daily activities smoothly. Get installed a huge amount of apps, videos, music and much more with a just single swipe.

If you are only interested in listening music and watching short videos, iPhone 7 32 GB would be the best deal, but if you are a game geek, looking for a device to store your data on a regular basis then go for Apple iPhone 256 GB.


Buy your iPhone 7 with the Latest Jet and Matte Black Colours:

Apple offers a wide range of attractive colour options in iPhone 7 those are a rose, gold, silver, jet black, and matte black. If you have bored using old traditional colours, try matte black or jet black that I more pleasing.

iPhone 7 Plus Best for Productivity:

iPhone 7 plus is the true competitor of Samsung Galaxy palm size smartphones. It brings not only a larger and denser screen size but also loaded with latest technology features.  It has a 5.5-inch screen with 401 pixels.

You can turn it into the sideway to enjoy iPad style double column interface. It has 12 megapixels camera same as iPhone 7 that includes the 4k option as well.

 If you are looking for a palm size smartphone with stylish look and features, Apple iPhone 7 plus is the best you can have. But if you don’t care the size, a bit caring about the pocket, buy Apple iPhone 7 for all your day to day activities. 

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Alpha Smartphones Announces its Refurbished iPhone 6

Finally, the wait is over. The sleek, stylish and adorable iPhone 6 is now in the range of every iPhone lover as Alpha Smartphones announces the release of refurbishediPhone 6.

 Summarizing all the top class features that are ample to attract the customer’s satisfaction is the strength of this second-hand iPhone 6. Your style statement gets boosted when you keep your hand on this factory unlocked refurbished iPhone.

Purchasing an Apple certified factory unlocked refurbished iPhone is the right choice for such people who are looking for iPhone at affordable prices.  In this world of technology, it has proved to be as good as the original one in enormous aspects. 

Both high quality and great performance are guaranteed if you make a sagacious choice regarding the purchase of it. Hence, the most trustworthy company which facilitates the customer regarding the purchase should be chosen for this purpose.

Its exciting features include iOS 8 that can be upgraded to iOS 10.3.2. In addition to this, Apple A8 chipset, Dual core 1.4 GHz Typhoon  CPU, PowerVR GX6450 GPU, fingerprint sensor, stunning camera quality, dual LED flash and much more superb specifications which we were dreaming of.
The credit if fulfilling the dream of having our hands on this glamorous iPhone 6 goes to Alpha Smartphones due to its announcement of selling this refurbished masterpiece.

No doubt, iPhone appeals quite great and comprises of the most revolutionary user interface. It is not less in quality than the iPhone 6. The wonderful features and specifications with innovative, trendy software are ample to win the heart of millions of people.

Get this fabulously large and wonderful multi touch display system, that would conveniently let you have a great control and grip on everything by the use of your fingers, at Alpha Smartphones, although second hand yet the quality is highly maintained. It also provides the Apple Certification with one year warranty. Is not it amazing? Surely, it is! So, one gets mental satisfaction by having an extreme warranty.

Our top selling company is one of the most remarkable and prestigious companies of the world, ensuring the superior quality and all desiring features of refurbished iPhone.
We deliver your desired refurbished iPhone at your home door through our rapid home delivery service. Purchase refurbished iPhone 6 was not this much easier before. Experience your purchase from us and relish it thoroughly.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Apple iPhone 5s vs 5c – Read a Review

Every year Apple launches a new model of Apple iPhone 5s with the exciting and latest features and specifications which fulfill the demands of iPhone lovers. First time in the history of Apple, it was seen that two outstanding brand new i Phones were released at the same time i.e; in September 2013.

Hence, it is difficult to figure out that what are differences between them? What distinguishes one model of iPhone from another? Which iPhone takes the lead in winning hearts of millions of people? Let us have a comparison of these in the light of facts to make a right decision about the purchase.

·         Dimensions: When it comes to dimension, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C shows the dimension of 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in) and 124.4 x 59.2 x 9 mm (4.90 x 2.33 x 0.35 in) respectively.

·       Weight: In terms of weight, iPhone 5C appears to be bit heavier than iPhone 5S. 132 g (4.66 oz) is the weight of iPhone 5C while the iPhone 5S has the weight of 112 g (3.95 oz). Both of them uses nano-SIM.

·      Platform: Both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have an operating system which is iOS 7, upgradable to iOS 10.3.2. Apple A6 and Apple A7 is the chipset of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S respectively.

·      CPU and GPU of iPhone 5C are Dual-core 1.3GHz Swift which is ARM v7-based and PowerVR SGX 543MP3 that are triple-core graphics while iPhone 5S contains CPU of Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone which is ARM v8-based. Its GPU is PowerVR G6430 which are quad-core graphics.

·     Battery: The more the battery timing of phone would be, the more reliable it would become. Both iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s have a non-removable battery. 1510 mAh is the battery of iPhone 5C while iPhone 5S has a battery of 1560mAh. The endurance rating of iPhone 5C is less than that of iPhone 5S. 52 hours is the endurance of iPhone 5C while iPhone 5S has the endurance of iPhone 5S.

·   Colours:  People having great artistic taste always focus on colors. The Availability of different colours for phones not only attracts the customers but also provide a wide range of selection to those who want to get iPhone in their favorite color or color matching to their dress. iPhone 5C is available in the market in pink, white, green, blue and yellow while iPhone 5S is available in Space Gray, Gold, and White/Silver color.

·    Memory: There is no card slot for both of these iPhone. The internal memory of iPhone 5S is 16/32/64 GB, with RAM of 1 GB while iPhone 5C has internal memory of 8/16/32 GB with RAM of 1 GB.

Get your eyes and hand on your favourite refurbished iPhone 5c after having a glimpse of above-mentioned comparison. If you are looking for a smart and handy smartphone; these models are just impeccable. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

How to Update your iPhone?

Why do you need to update your iPhone operating system?

If you are an iPhone user, you need to read this information. If you are getting an update alert from the company, you should not ignore this message and update your OS to the latest version it will enhance your hardware performance that will boost the speed, secure you from security threats and improves apps mobility.

Who can update OS of iPhone?

If you have Apple iPhone 4 or later, you are eligible to get this update. You will get an automated message from the company that your smartphone requires an update or you can obtain updates manually using iTunes.

Why is it Important to Get the Latest Apple iPhone Update?

According to the press release by Apple, the company has observed some security threats in the system that can breach the communication details of an Apple iPhone owner. A spyware is noticed that can read messages, call details, collect passwords, record sounds, and can obtain location information. These are all the reasons a user need to update its iPhone operating system. Here in this article, you will be guided through the process how one can update its OS.

How to update your iPhone Operating System?

You need to follow these instructions as given by Apple support page:
Read carefully,

·         Before you update your system, make a backup of your smartphone using iTunes or i Cloud
·         Update your device wireless
·         If you get the message to update your device, follow these steps

1.      Keep your phone on charging and keep your Wi-Fi or any other internet source on
2.      Go to settings- Press General, push Software update
3.      Before pressing the download button, make it sure that your device has enough space to install full updates
4.      After making enough space, tap install updates, installation options will appear there and if you want to update your iPhone at night, plug in the charger and have a sound sleep. It will be updated automatically.
5.      It may ask your password, enter your password to proceed further

What id Update Error is Appearing while updating your iPhone?

Sometimes an iPhone user may face an update error while downloading iPhone updates, in such scenario, make sure that you have enough space. Check your proxy or VPN setting that is creating hurdles to download updates.

Update iPhone using iTunes:

You can download your iPhone updates using iTunes. Follow these steps to install updates with iTunes:
1.      Install the latest version of iTunes
2.      Connect your smartphone to the computer
3.      Press summary and check the updates
4.      Click download updates

Updating your Apple iPhone smartphone keeps your device safe from the security threats but also enhance the hardware and software performance. If you face any further problem while downloading iPhone updates contact iPhone support center.